ELGL recognizes companies that support local government with its Haverford Award (named for Parks and Recreation character Tom Haverford). This year Management Partners is pleased to have received a Haverford. We’re even more pleased to read what happy clients said about us:

“Management Partners has an expert for every topic. Whether you need an expert to help manage your new garbage and recycling contract or help to create internal work plans for staff as part of a department strategic plan, someone of their team always has the relevant subject matter expert to lend their expertise.”

“Management Partners is a strategic partner with the City, not a one-and-done project consultant. While the heavy lift of bankruptcy has been completed and our projects with Management Partners are more targeted, we view the leads from Management Partners as colleagues and members of the Stockton family. The relationship with Management Partners has evolved into a very trusted and reliable partnership. The work that has been accomplished over the years has contributed not only to ongoing financial planning, efficiencies and strategic planning, but the work of Management Partners has been so influential that they have had a tangible impact on the positive culture changes and rebirth that has occurred in Stockton.”

This is exactly the work we set out to do at our founding 25 years ago: assist our colleagues in local government to perform their vital work with more efficiency and effectiveness, and serve as their trusted partners in improvements both large and small. It is rewarding to read how our valued clients view us, and even more rewarding to help cities, counties and special districts across the U.S. every day.