Management Partners is pleased to assist the City of Montgomery, Ohio in its search for a new city manager.

Management Partners has worked with Montgomery on the creation of its strategic planning since 2005, and it has also helped the City with performance measurement.

“The city of Montgomery is a quality, high-performing local government organization with dynamic employees and I am honored to have been chosen to lead my peers during this transitional time,” Brian Riblet, the interim city manager, told The Cincinnati Enquirer. “Residents and business professionals can be assured that Montgomery will continue to offer superior services during this period.”

Management Partners’ experience as public sector consultants keeps us in touch with a broad range of talented practicing executives, who aid us in identifying highly qualified candidates. Our perspective, unique among firms that provide executive recruitment services, assures that the needs of the hiring agency are met. Among our important qualities are:

* High Ethical Standards. Each search process must be conducted with utmost integrity, respecting the confidentially of both the client’s decision-making process and the candidate’s interest.
* Extensive and Intensive Depth and Reach of Search. Each search must involve extra effort by Management Partners to seek out the best candidates for the position.
* Quality Client Representation. As the agent of the client, Management Partners recognizes the responsibility to present the client in the most positive manner.
* Well-planned and Executed Client Hiring Support. A quality hiring process means that we treat candidates with respect and we assist the client with completing the hiring process to optimize the appointee’s new relationship with the organization positively and productively.