A large wave of retirements presents an opportunity for local governments to become more resilient through succession planning. This hands-on workshop, sponsored by Management Partners and the Alliance for Innovation and held in Clearwater, Florida, will use a case-study format to demonstrate techniques to plan for the future.

Issues to be covered include:

  • The aging of local government workforces
  • The shifting priorities of younger workers
  • How cities and counties are all competing for the same talent pool, and
  • How to see risks, challenges and opportunities by looking at an employment roster.

Key strategies to be discussed include:

  • Documenting¬†institutional knowledge
  • Grooming junior employees for leadership positions, and
  • Developing strategies for talent attraction and retention.

The workshop includes morning coffee and lunch. Come network with other Florida local government leaders and role-play ways to look at succession planning from different perspectives.

Register here: http://transformgov.org/en/CalendarEvent/101563/Sustainability_through_Succession_Planning_Workshop_and_Forum