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Management Partners’ team members publish articles on a variety of topics affecting government leaders and their operations, and our projects are also covered in media outlets.

Our work

Promoting an Ethical Local Government by Jerry Newfarmer. Article published in PM Magazine.

Budgeting in a Crisis: Responding to the COVID-19 Recession. Podcast by ICMA and Management Partners.

Transitioning to a Council Elected by Districts: 5 Steps to Fostering Good Government by Rod Gould and Jan Perkins. Article published by the California City Management Foundation.

Performance Reviews for Local Government Executives by Jerry Newfarmer. Article published in the Alliance for Innovation’s Solutions Journal.

Beyond Ethics: Establishing a Code of Conduct to Guide Your Council by Rod Gould. Article published in Western City.

Successful Long-Range Forecasting: It’s All about Assumptions — The Rest is Just Arithmetic! by Robert Leland. Article published in CSMFO News.

Study Confirms Council-Manager Governments are More Ethical by Jerry Newfarmer. Article published on the ICMA website.

Succession Planning: How One Department Did It. Article published in the APWA Reporter.

Doing Data Right: Lessons from Three Cities by Heain Lee and Sam Lieberman. Article published in PM Magazine.

A Constructive Dialogue: Facilitated Performance Reviews by Jan Perkins and Frank Benest. Article published in PM Magazine.

Building Career Resiliency by Jan Perkins. Article published as the cover story of PM Magazine.

Forecasting for an Uncertain Fiscal Future by Robert Leland. Article published in Western City Magazine.

Scaling Up: How One Organization Grew in an Era of Contraction Article published in the California Special Districts Magazine.

Six Signs Your Local Goverment Needs an Organization Review by Jerry Newfarmer. Article published in the Alliance for Innovation’s Solutions Journal.

Working Effectively with Elected Officials by Jan Perkins and Linda Barton. Article published by Emerging Local Government Leaders.

Seeing Your Government the Way the Best Companies Do by Jerry Newfarmer. Article published at

Are You a Leader or a Manager? by Jerry Newfarmer. Article published at

Navigating the Economic Upturn by Andy Belknap and Alan Rosen. Article published in Public Management Magazine.

Overcoming Barriers to Shared Services by Jerry Newfarmer. Article published in PA Times.

Women in Leadership: 40 Years of Progress by Jan Perkins. Article published on Emerging Local Government Leaders website.

What to Do When a Local Government Leader Leaves by Jerry Newfarmer. Article published on

The Customer Service Feedback You’re Probably Missing byJerry Newfarmer. Article published on

The Building Blocks of Local Government Innovation by Jerry Newfarmer. Article published in’s Voices of the Governing Institute.

Ten Tips: Leading Change by Jerry Newfarmer. Article published in Public Management Magazine.

What’s Your Management System? by Jerry Newfarmer.  Article originally published in the Ohio City Managers’ Association Newsletter.

Coverage of our work

Truckee, Nevada County Continue Talks on New ‘Modern Community Hub and Library’ Plans The City of Truckee and Nevada County are evaluating options to meet their library needs, using Management Partners’ recent study to guide their discussions.

Santa Fe City Manager Opening Draws Seasoned Applicants Management Partners is helping the City of Santa Fe to find its new City Manager.

City Financial Future Paints a Torrid Picture Management Partners is assisting the City of Cloverdale with a 20-year financial forecast that details their fiscal future and suggests ways to address projected deficits.

Madison Selectmen Present 10-Year Draft Plan Management Partners facilitated the creation of a strategic plan for Madison, Connecticut over a year and a half. The process included surveying town leaders, employees and volunteers, holding two general public input sessions, producing draft and final strategic plans and creating a plan for implementation.

The Report Is Out: How Will We Respond to the Next Major Wildfire? Management Partners analyzed the City of Malibu’s response to the historic Woolsey fire and highlighted lessons to improve the response during the next natural disaster.

Santa Maria City Council Creates Priority Lists for Coming Years: Management Partners facilitated a workshop with council members to identify priorities, among them downtown revitalization, a re-focus on South Broadway and renewed efforts to attract high-paying jobs.

“Deep divisions” exist in Huntington Beach Police Department: Management Partners conducted an organization review of the Huntington Beach Police Department and made 16 recommendations for improvement.

Milpitas seeks resident input for city’s next budget:Residents and employees identify budget priorities through surveys, workshops led by Management Partners.

“5 Good Reasons Why Local Governments Should Embrace Long-Term Budget Forecasting”: A great summary of our recent #ICMA2017 presentation on long-term forecasts for cities and counties.

“Every Davis resident should read the new budget forecast”:
Dan Carson, chair of the Finance and Budget Commission for the City of Davis, CA, explains how officials and residents can use the 20-year forecast prepared by Management Partners’ Robert Leland to better understand future challenges and opportunities.

Pasadena Water and Power should gain control of embezzled program, report says
. Management Partners makes recommendations on changes to Pasadena’s underground utility program in the wake of a $6.4 million embezzlement.

The Atlantic and award-winning writer James Fallows take a deep dive into San Bernardino, a city in bankruptcy that’s receiving assistance from Management Partners to create a recovery plan. What It’s Like When Your City Goes Broke looks at how the city arrived at its current state; Today a Bankrupt City Votes on Its Next Steps looks at what follows the recovery plan; and The San Bernardino Story: Fire Fighters Weigh In presents the perspective of a firefighter in a city where public-safety pay has emerged as a contentious issue.

Report: ‘Dysfunctional environment’ at Santa Rosa’s development department
. Management Partners works with the City of Santa Rosa to identify improvements to its development department processes. Analysis includes review of performance data, interviews with staff and customer feedback.

City releases Charlotte Fire Department reports. Management Partners performs a review of the Charlotte Fire Department management processes to identify opportunities to improve oversight, accountability, communication and performance.


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