What’s your post-shutdown plan?

Management Partners has been closely monitoring the impacts of the coronavirus on local governments throughout the nation and has developed tools to assist public agencies with the challenges they face. One challenge is to develop a plan for re-entry to the workplace that ensures services resume both quickly and safely. Based on our assessment of how this pandemic is impacting local governments across the country, we see three phases to the response:

Phase 1: Initial response and acute emergency management

  • Reacting to the emergency and determining the magnitude of fiscal impacts.

 Phase 2:Re-entry to the workplace under pandemic guidelines

  • Planning what needs to happen before the first day, on the first day, in the first week, and in the first month.

 Phase 3: Return to operations

  • Operating with reduced resources, changed service level expectations both internally and externally, and new operating practices necessitated by the pandemic.

 There are a range of considerations during these phases, from the tactical to the strategic, including:

  • Employee and community safety and concerns about pandemic-related hazards
  • Whether some emergency-prompted changes should become permanent
  • Personnel policy changes to reflect a new work place
  • Applying new process improvements
  • Determining which services to offer
  • Resetting priorities for the long term
  • Creating new service delivery models.

There are likely to be other phases and sub-phases as testing for COVID-19 becomes more widespread and as we learn more about what is needed to keep people safe, since it may be some time before a vaccine is available. Each re-entry plan will be customized to the specific circumstances and needs of the agency.

For more information on developing a re-entry plan please contact Nancy Hetrick, Vice President, at nhetrick@managementpartners.com or (408) 437-5400.