Management Partners offers a variety of services to local governments. Every project is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client and each is designed to be implemented. Management Partners specializes in the following:

Strategic Planning

Strategic or business planning is a vital tool for focusing the efforts of an organization, aligning resources, and fostering communication between leaders, staff and stakeholder groups. »more

Service Sharing

Identify alternative service delivery methods as a way to save money and efficiently provide regional services. In an era of strained budgets, more jurisdictions are finding ways of working together as unified service providers. »more

Financial Sustainability

Local governments regularly face challenges with financial forecasting, planning and budgeting. Management Partners has practical knowledge and tools to help local government leaders. »more

Organization Analysis

The perfect organization structure does not exist, nor does the perfect approach to doing business. An organization’s strengths change over time, and careful analysis can help achieve the best balance of resources. »more

Organization Development

High performing organizations create opportunities for their team members, who are their most valuable resource. Employee engagement can include training, mentoring and other growth-enabling measures, often at very low cost to the organization. »more

Performance Management

How well is your organization doing? If you don’t know, establishing a management system with outcome-based performance measures, budgeting and benchmarking will help answer the question and highlight accomplishments to the public, elected officials and staff. »more

Process Improvement

We analyze business processes to eliminate redundancy, increase efficiency and provide great service to customers and the community. By using best practices and input from employees, managers and the community, we generate improvements to business processes. »more

Facilitation and Training

People at all levels in an organization benefit from taking time out to better understand their roles. We provide an approach that “gets everyone in the room” to uncover how they can best serve their organization and their community. »more

Executive Recruitment

We understand the environment in which local leaders operate, making Management Partners uniquely qualified to find the right candidate for an executive management team. Each recruitment is designed to meet the particular needs of the organization. »more