Regular management workshops as well as leadership 1and employee training are important elements of a productive organizational culture. We plan and implement strategic planning and goal setting sessions for councils and boards and facilitate similar sessions for management teams of entire governments as well as individual departments. Our customer service training workshops are designed specifically for local government employees and offer skills and strategies for working with customers, both internal and external to the organization. Our varied list of training and facilitation experience includes:

    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshops
    • Everything DiSC workshops
    • Conflict-management workshops
    • Customer service training
    • Development of customer standards
    • Employee feedback training
    • Executive coaching
    • Performance measurement training
    • Process improvement training
    • City Manager evaluation

Our successes with this service include the projects highlighted below.

Monterey County, CA Team-Building Workshop

Management Partners was engaged to design and facilitate a one-day retreat with the Board of Supervisors, elected and appointed department heads, and the County Administrative Officer. The focus of the retreat was on strengthening teamwork and identifying ways for the organization to become an even higher performing organization. This retreat is an annual opportunity for the County’s leadership – the Board of Supervisors, County Administrative Officer and department heads – to discuss issues of importance to the organization. Three top priorities for attention over the next year were identified at the retreat.

Goleta, CA Council Protocol Development Workshops

Management Partners was engaged to assist the City Council in developing Council protocols. We conducted individual interviews with Council members, designed and facilitated two workshops, provided examples of norms and protocols from other cities, and provided best practice advice. We worked collaboratively with the City Manager and City Attorney to develop a set of protocols that would guide the City Council/staff working relationships and Council operations.

Management Partners designed and facilitated a half-day strategic planning workshop for the City Council, City Manager and executive team. In planning for the workshop, we conducted individual interviews with the City Manager and Council members and reviewed background materials about previously established goals. We prepared an agenda and information to assist with workshop discussions. Following the workshop, we prepared a report summarizing the direction provided by the City Council.