Local governments regularly face challenges with financial planning and budgeting. Management Partners brings deep knowledge to help local government leaders use their resources effectively. Whether in good times or bad, we are poised to show our clients ways they might approach their financial goals. We can provide assistance in a number of ways, producing solutions that include the following:

    • tough_times_smBudget strategies
    • Expenditure analysis
    • Long-range capital plans
    • Organizational structure optimization
    • Fee schedule review
    • Alternative service delivery models

Our successes with this service include the projects highlighted below. Read more

Santa Ana Management Assistance and Budget Stabilization

Management Partners was engaged in 2011 to conduct a review of the organization and operations of the government to develop recommendations to allow Santa Ana to continue to provide services within its projected resource capacity. We conducted interviews with elected, appointed and labor leaders and collaborated with a project steering committee to identify alternatives for analysis. We also reviewed each labor association’s memoranda of understanding to identify significant cost drivers. As part of the project, a ten-year financial perspective, including a five-year forecast, was developed to show the magnitude of the City’s budget challenges. Our analysis resulted in 47 recommendations in three areas: new revenues, service delivery model changes and compensation changes. If implemented, the recommendations would improve Santa Ana’s financial condition by at least $24 to $27 million annually. The analysis identified several targeted opportunities for contracting, including zoo operations and fire service. The City issued a request for proposals for zoo operations and recently approved contracting for fire service with the Orange County Fire Authority, which will save approximately $10.5 million annually. Following the retirement of the incumbent city manager, the firm was asked in 2013 to review the work from two years ago to identify those actions that were implemented and those that remained to be implemented, update the long-range financial plan, and provide a roadmap for implementation. The firm was also asked to assist the elected and appointed leaders in the development of a strategic plan, including significant community engagement.

Inglewood, CA General Fund Five-Year Forecast

Management Partners was engaged to prepare a five-year forecast for the City’s general fund. This was accomplished by analyzing the City’s operational costs and revenues over the past five years and projected anticipated resource levels and projected expenditures for the next five years. Additionally, we provided a forecast model which City staff will use in producing future forecasts. We trained the staff on the use of the model. As part of our work, we created three forecasts for the City, based on different assumptions which we clearly stated. We provided recommendations regarding reserve levels, potential revenue sources, and financial practices that will strengthen the level of information they have with which to manage its budget and make accurate projections.

Fremont, CA Strategic Budget Sustainability Study

Management Partners was engaged to conduct a strategic budget sustainability study and develop recommendations to allow Fremont to continue to provide services within its projected resource capacity. We used interviews, focus groups and collaboration with a project steering committee to identify promising alternatives for analysis. In addition, we conducted a review of each labor association’s memorandum of understanding to identify significant cost drivers, and developed a five-year financial forecast. Our analysis resulted in 33 recommendations that will improve Fremont’s financial condition by between $16.7 and $19.6 million annually. We also provided the City with a template to facilitate the development of a plan for implementing our recommendations.