Local governments regularly face challenges with financial forecasting, planning and budgeting. Management Partners has practical knowledge and tools to help local government leaders with:

    • DavisGraphLong-range financial forecasting
    • Budget sustainability strategies
    • Alternative service delivery models
    • Expenditure analysis
    • Revenue options
    • Capital improvement plans
    • Fee schedule review

    Prudent, sustainable budgets begin with understanding current revenues and expenditures in context of a long range forecast. Management Partners develops sophisticated forecasts that help local governments understand the true costs of their obligations, make decisions to deal with gaps between revenue and expenditures, and prepare for future economic downturns.

    We work collaboratively with local governments to create budget models that present an honest look at where the agency is headed financially and what they must do to:

    • Rebuild financial reserves
    • Pay for needed upgrades to facilities, technology and equipment
    • Maintain or improve levels of service to residents
    • Take care of other unexpected needs

    These resources help explain how financial forecasting works and why it helps local governments.

    5 Good Reasons Why Local Governments Should Embrace Long-Term Budget Forecasting A great summary of a presentation we made at ICMA 2017 on long-term forecasts for cities and counties.

    Every Davis resident should read the new budget forecast
    Dan Carson, chair of the Finance and Budget Commission for the City of Davis, CA, explains how officials and residents can use the 20-year forecast prepared by Management Partners’ Robert Leland to better understand future challenges and opportunities.

    The Case for Financial Forecasting Robert Leland explains how Management Partners’ financial forecasts work for local governments and the benefits they bring.

    Financial Sustainability for Local Governments: Samples from a Budget Model A look at a recent budget model created by Management Partners with detailed explanations about how it works.

    “Forecasting for an Uncertain Fiscal Future” Another explainer, this time with real-world examples from clients, about the role of forecasts in financial sustainability.