Management Partners manages interim local government placement for cities, counties and special districts.

Interim Local Government Chief Executive Placement

Management Partners helps governing bodies quickly find the right interim city manager, interim county administrator, and other chief executive positions. An experienced interim manager gives elected officials time to find the right person for their permanent hire. An interim also brings a fresh set of eyes to the way the organization does business and can provide insights to the newly appointed city or county manager.

The Management Partners Advantage:
• Strong network of former city managers and chief executives.
• Efficient process for quickly finding qualified individuals.
• Candidate screening, interviews and negotiations.

For information on finding an interim city manager or other local government chief executive, contact Jan Perkins at

Interim Department Heads and Executive Staff

Management Partners can help a city manager, general manager or county administrator find an interim department head and other executive staff. An interim local government manager from the outside can:
• Provide supportive advice to staff.
• Coach staff who may be interested in applying for the permanent position.
• Add capacity to keep important projects moving.
• Provide expertise and lend credibility for critical and sensitive issues and projects.
• Provide an outside look at the department or operation and offer a “roadmap” for the permanent department head or manager.

The Management Partners Advantage:
• Strong network of qualified and vetted retired department heads and executive staff.
• Ability to conduct a quick recruitment for an interim department head or executive staff.
• Expertise and support from the entire firm.

For information on interim municipal placement, contact Jan Perkins at And let us know if you are a retired local government professional interested in helping cities and counties on an interim basis. We are always looking for talented leaders!