good_better_best_smOperational efficiency is critical to any organization, and operations improvement in local government ensures that all resources are being used effectively. Streamlining processes can save money and improve customer service. Bringing in expertise from outside your organization can provide a fresh look and new ideas about better ways to operate programs. Organizations can often gain efficiencies by applying proven best practices when they are able to apply them in similar settings. Management Partners can provide the outside expertise to help your organization become even better than it is today.

Our successes with this service include the projects highlighted below.

Orange, CA Public Works Department

Management Partners analyzed the feasibility of alternative service delivery options for several maintenance services provided by Orange’s Public Works Department. The project involved conducting interviews and benchmarking to compare Orange’s approach to service delivery with other appropriate local government agencies, including several that had outsourced some of the services. Our analysis indicated that Orange could save approximately $100,000 and improve service quality by outsourcing graffiti removal. Contracting for street sweeping would provide up to $389,000 in annual cost savings while eliminating the need to invest $2.1 million to replace equipment that was at the end of its useful life. Based on our recommendations the City issued a request for proposals and contracted street sweeping services for an estimated savings of $2.3 million. Our analysis also validated the efficiency of the City’s facilities, fleet, sewer and traffic signal maintenance under the current, in-house service delivery model.

St. Louis Park, MN Strategic Public Safety Initiatives

Management Partners analyzed the demographic and transportation trends to determine the potential impact on agency staffing requirements in St. Louis Park. As a result, we recommended strategic public safety initiatives for police and fire designed to address projected trends in the population and built environment and to upgrade the service quality level for residents of St. Louis Park.

Stockton, CA Fire Prevention

Management Partners was engaged to analyze the City of Stockton’s current fire prevention program structure to provide a broad framework for a change strategy able to support a sustainable budget and staffing platform. The scope did not review the program’s effectiveness or inspection efforts in terms of life safety; but rather specifically addressed the City’s current service delivery model, staffing structure and work program. In the face of severe budget constraints and changed retiree work rules, Management Partners looked at the City’s regulatory approach to fire prevention, its organizational structure, staffing levels and work program and applicable business systems.