A structured management decision-making white_board_smand communication process that engages everyone in the government (elected and appointed officials as well as staff) is important element of a productive organizational culture. Management Partners works collaboratively to develop feedback instruments (performance evaluations and organizational climate surveys) that help to improve service by building on the strengths and talents of the workforce. We design team building workshops to gain consensus about important issues and work well as a team.

Our successes with this service include the projects highlighted below.

San Jose, California Human Resources Talent Development

Management Partners facilitated a cross-departmental work group to create a citywide organizational development plan that meets the needs of City’s goal to be “Powered by People.” The fifteen-member work group met five times over a six-month period to assess training needs, define core competencies, share best practices, and develop a training program that will be implemented over the next two years. Management Partners supported the group by conducting informational interviews with city departments to understand current practices and areas of need, presenting training and development best practices, and developing both a framework and draft program for review and discussion with the group.

South Miami, Florida Goal-Setting Workshop

Management Partners facilitated a goal-setting workshop with the City Council and City Manager. We developed a brief survey so Council members could provide input and then facilitated sessions to discuss major issues of importance to Council. Council members reached consensus on several key goals and strategies to achieve the goals.

Queen Creek, Arizona Management Team Workshop

Management Partners was engaged to design and facilitate a half-day senior management team workshop in April 2019. The focus of the workshop was on high-performance management teams, reviewing recent accomplishments and discussing annual priorities within the context of the Town’s five-year strategic plan. To prepare for the workshop, Management Partners met with the Town Manager, reviewed background information, prepared an agenda and created a PowerPoint presentation to guide discussions. Following the session, we prepared a report summarizing the staff discussions and outcomes.

Montgomery, OH Council Retreat

Management Partners planned and facilitated two sessions with the City Council with the goal of enabling Council members to discuss norms and build their team. It provided an opportunity for long-time council members to share ideas with recently elected council members and make decisions about operating norms together.