A structured management decision-making white_board_smand communication process that engages everyone in the government (elected and appointed officials as well as staff) is important element of a productive organizational culture. Management Partners works collaboratively to develop feedback instruments (performance evaluations and organizational climate surveys) that help to improve service by building on the strengths and talents of the workforce. We design team building workshops to gain consensus about important issues and work well as a team.

Our successes with this service include the projects highlighted below.

Peninsula Family Services, CA Organization Development

Peninsula Family Service (PFS) engaged Management Partners to conduct an assessment and provide recommendations pertaining to the agency’s management team and organization structure. We provided recommendations for change and improvement in the following areas: strategic planning, organization structure, roles and responsibilities, communication processes and protocols, effective management practices, human resources, training and skills development, employee recognition and performance appraisal. As a result of our recommendations, the agency made changes in these areas. Additionally, we facilitated several management team workshops.

Bellevue Public Utilities Department, WA Succession Planning

We created “position resource guides” for 14 management or critical positions, which were likely to experience turnover during the next several years. The positions, such as department director, operations and maintenance assistant director, development review manager, telemetry technician, customer service manager and technical specialist, were quite varied. The assignment included facilitating the identification of leadership competencies necessary for success in management and supervisory positions. For each position documented, we conducted a 360º survey to identify the level of importance for each leadership competency. We learned and documented which competencies had the highest importance to each position. The information is being used to inform training and development of interested staff as well as the recruitment and hiring process when transition occurs.

Santa Cruz CA Succession Planning

Management Partners assisted the City of Santa Cruz with the development of an organization-wide succession planning approach. The key elements of this project were analyzing the organization’s workforce needs, including identifying critical positions based on projected retirements and skills requirements; identifying leadership core competencies; developing a city-wide succession planning and workforce development approach that incorporates department-level efforts, individual development plans, coaching and mentoring, and new and targeted training opportunities; and creating an Emerging Leaders Academy to provide intensive learning and professional development opportunities.