Demonstrate your organization’s performance to binoculars_smelected officials, residents, stakeholders and employees using outcome-based measures. This type of management system allows you to show how resources are being used and the results they produce. Management Partners is experienced at developing and implementing custom performance management systems designed for your specific needs. We design the communication and reporting mechanisms so they tell your story clearly and succinctly. They may include a balanced scorecard, a dashboard system, or more traditional reports. Regardless of the format, you’ll have a way to convey the good work of your organization.

Our successes with this service include the projects highlighted below.

Port St. Lucie, Florida Performance Measurement Training

Management Partners provided training for department directors and program managers in developing and using performance measures. We then provided follow-up consultations with several departments to identify the best measures to show progress toward goals and accomplishments.

Huron County, Ohio Public Health Performance Management Review

Management Partners was hired to assist the leaders in the Huron County Public Health identify appropriate and necessary performance metrics for operations in four program areas: Administrative Services, Community Health, Environmental Health and Medical. We determined the best sources for the data collection; created effectiveness, efficiency, workload and output measures; prepared a data collection template; and recommended software to support an agency performance management initiative.

San Bernardino County, California County Performance Measurement

San Bernardino County requested assistance for three extremely large and diverse departments to create more meaningful performance measures keyed to outcomes. For each department, we reviewed the existing performance measure framework. Next, we developed a custom performance measurement package for each department working collaboratively with department experts. We then provided a review of the enhanced performance measures for each department to the Board of Supervisors. As a result of this work, other County departments were charged with an internal overhaul of their own performance measures to include the improvements and innovations made for the three pilot program departments.