Demonstrate your organization’s performance to binoculars_smelected officials, residents, stakeholders and employees using outcome-based measures. This type of management system allows you to show how resources are being used and the results they produce. Management Partners is experienced at developing and implementing custom performance management systems designed for your specific needs. We design the communication and reporting mechanisms so they tell your story clearly and succinctly. They may include a balanced scorecard, a dashboard system, or more traditional reports. Regardless of the format, you’ll have a way to convey the good work of your organization.

Our successes with this service include the projects highlighted below.

Westerville, OH

Westerville, OH Performance Management System

The City of Westerville engaged Management Partners to develop a performance management system to enable outcomes to be identified with the goal of explaining service accomplishments to Council and the public. Management Partners provided training to 80 department directors and program managers and in follow-up consultations identified outcome measures (focused on efficiency and effectiveness). We also identified a subset of executive level measures for use in the budget. Management Partners provides ongoing assistance to the City during implementation..

Olathe KS Balanced Scorecard

Olathe, KS

Management Partners created a management system for Olathe, Kansas that incorporated a balanced scorecard and performance measurement system. We trained all program staff (and trained in-house trainers) developed performance measures (with an emphasis on effectiveness) and developed a balanced scorecard reporting system.

The City of Olathe shares its annual scorecard with the public through its website.

Marin Co CA Perf Mgmt

Marin County, CA

Management Partners assisted Marin County with implementation of its Managing for Results initiative by conducting training and working with departments to develop a balanced set of performance measures that reflect strategic plans and departmental priorities. We worked with teams of department staff to identify what success looks like and how to demonstrate results in priority areas using the performance measurement system.