Every organization has the potential to improve its operations by systematically examining its business processes. Whether you decide to embark on a process overhaul or to adopt continuous process improvement methods, Management Partners can provide the techniques to make it happen. Our approach is based on employee involvement, which includes one-on-one troubleshooting and group activities, to discover both process trouble spots and real-world solutions. With solid employee support, organizations are able to make great strides in becoming among the highest functioning operations.

Our successes with this service include the projects highlighted below.

City of Norman, Oklahoma Development Review Process Improvement

Management Partners worked with staff in all departments involved in development review (Community Development, Public Works, Utilities and Fire) to streamline functions and identify ways to reduce review cycle times. We first worked to understand their current processes and develop process maps for six major types of applications. We also conducted customer interviews and compared Norman’s key processes with peer organizations. After providing recommendations, we facilitated a three-day process improvement workshop based on the GE Work-Out™ technique. The workshop included employees responsible for application intake, plans review, permitting, inspections and customer service. Project recommendations addressed operations and business processes, staffing and succession planning, customer service, use of technology, and performance management.

Contra Costa Water District, California Procurement Process Review

Management Partners conducted a purchasing policy and procedures review that resulted in a memorandum of observations and recommendations for improvements; six process maps; a workshop on collaboration to help staff understand and agree upon purchasing-related roles and responsibilities; created four additional process maps (formal bidding, request for proposals and a concise policy document that consolidated multiple policies and incorporated recommended improvements.

Boynton Beach, Florida Process Documentation for Business Tax Receipts

Management Partners help staff analyze and make improvements to Business Tax Receipt (BTR) applications, reviews, issuance, and the use of technology associated with intake, customer service and communication, and inspection functions. Through analysis and a facilitated workshop with a group of employees who work to issue BTRs, along with finance and IT staff, we identified changes that improve customer service, streamline procedures, and improve consistency of the review process prior to issuance of the BTR.

Pasadena, California Plan Review and Permitting Process Improvement

Management Partners conducted a study to identify improvements in the plan review, permitting and inspection processes. The project included conducting interviews with staff and stakeholders, reviewing the current processes and procedures, and making recommendations to improve customer service and workflow in the Permit Center, as well as plan check, inspections, technological improvements, training, and performance metrics.