Every organization has the potential to improve its operations by systematically examining its business processes. Whether you decide to embark on a process overhaul or to adopt continuous process improvement methods, Management Partners can provide the techniques to make it happen. Our approach is based on employee involvement, which includes one-on-one troubleshooting and group activities, to discover both process trouble spots and real-world solutions. With solid employee support, organizations are able to make great strides in becoming among the highest functioning operations.

Our successes with this service include the projects highlighted below.

Largo, FL Development Services

Management Partners was retained by the City of Largo to analyze the development review and permitting services operations and business processes. The work included conducting interviews with staff and stakeholders, developing “as is” process maps as well as “to be” process maps to streamline processes. Management Partners also facilitated a three‐day process improvement session with Largo City employees most familiar with development review processes and procedures. Another component of our work was to identify requirements for a new permitting system, which the City will use in its request for proposals. The recommendations identified actions to make the processes more efficient for staff and more business friendly for customers.

Stockton, CA Development Services

Management Partners has had a long-standing relationship with Stockton’s Community Development Department as they strive to improve their processes and provide excellent customer service. We have helped identify process improvements by providing specific recommendations for streamlining the development review and permitting process; designed and delivered customer service training geared specifically for the activities undertaken in the department, and provided tools that staff can use to manage ongoing change.

Polk County Efficiency Commission, FL

Management Partners was hired by the Polk County Efficiency Commission to undertake a comprehensive study of the county government operations with a goal of identifying efficiencies in service delivery. Management Partners reviewed every function of this large and complex organization and conducted numerous interviews and focus groups. The Commission presented 20 specific recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners designed to improve both efficiency and effectiveness. Five of the recommendations crossed jurisdictional boundaries to include service consolidation and contracting with the 17 municipalities in Polk County.