Innovations in service sharing have led governments to join together to explore ways to continue to deliver quality services and cut costs. Often when jurisdictions share services or join together to contract for a service, opportunities arise to take advantage of economies of scale. Service swapping can also be beneficial, as can consolidation, when the conditions are appropriate.

Management Partners provides in-depth analysis, facilitating service sharing discussions among two or more jurisdictions, and crafting service level agreements. Once we identify opportunities, we can provide implementation planning to assure a successful transition to the new service delivery method.

Our successes with this service include the projects highlighted below.

Monterey County, California Animal Control Consolidation

Management Partners helped Monterey County and the City of Salinas review animal control functions provided independently by each jurisdiction with the goal of identifying options for combining services and programs. We interviewed employees of both organizations and reviewed budgets, operating practices, and staffing plans. Working collaboratively with a Steering Committee, we identified a continuum of options that ranged from sharing some services to forming a joint powers authority (JPA) to oversee the animal control functions for both organizations. Staff and elected officials decided to pursue the formation of a JPA.

Mt. Healthy and North College Hill, Ohio Joint Fire Feasibility Study

In order to continue to provide high quality fire suppression and emergency medical services at an affordable cost, the cities of Mt Healthy and North College Hill engaged Management Partners to prepare a plan to create a joint fire and EMS district to serve the two cities. We worked with the administrative staff and fire chiefs of the two cities to study current operations, service demand profiles, the current budgets and the current condition of capital assets. Our project team prepared an operations plan for a joint fire district based on the information provided. The project team prepared a long-term financial plan that identified cost and revenue sources. The legislative bodies of the two cities created the joint fire and EMS district in accordance with Management Partners’ recommended plan.

Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Association of Bay Area Governments, California Merger Study

Management Partners conducted a merger study of MTC and ABAG to examine the policy, management, financial, and legal implications associated with further integration beyond a planning staff consolidation, up to and including institutional merger between the two agencies. Management Partners completed a range of activities including extensive interviews, many stakeholder meetings, research on alternative models and significant background research leading to an options analysis and recommendation for consideration by both agencies.