Innovations in service sharing have led governments to join together to explore ways to continue to deliver quality services and cut costs. Often when jurisdictions share services or join together to contract for a service, opportunities arise to take advantage of economies of scale. Service swapping can also be beneficial, as can consolidation, when the conditions are appropriate.

Management Partners has had success providing in-depth analysis, facilitating service sharing discussions among two or more jurisdictions, and crafting service level agreements. Once we identify opportunities, we can provide implementation planning to assure a successful transition to the new service delivery method.

Our successes with this service include the projects highlighted below.

Hampton Roads Partnership

Hampton Roads Partnership (Commonwealth of Virgina)

This project involves three large city-county governments in the Commonwealth of Virginia: Norfolk, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. The project, jointly funded by the cities and the private sector through the Hampton Roads Partnership (a regional public-private partnership), required that every service operated by each jurisdiction be considered for a service sharing pilot project. Over 130 services were initially identified with sharing potential. After an extensive process of analysis, considering both the costs and benefits of shared operations and the degree of difficulty in implementing a shared model for each individual service, 13 specific services were selected for implementation. These included services from each major function of local government except schools, which were not a part of the project.

LV-NLV NV Service Sharing

Cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas, NV

These two neighboring jurisdictions had previously explored and implemented a variety of operational changes and resulting expenditure reductions to balance their budgets, yet the economic situation required that they do more. Management Partners undertook a comprehensive review of government services to identify the most beneficial opportunities for service sharing and cost reductions. Subsequent to the initial government-wide scan, we completed in-depth analyses in seven selected service areas: workers’ compensation, recreational programming, purchasing, radio maintenance, detention center support services, fire plan check/fire code enforcement and traffic operations. Estimated savings from service sharing in these areas range from $4.2 million to $5.6 million.

Alameda CTC CA Agency Consolidation

Alameda County Transportation Commission, CA (formerly Alameda County Congestion Management Agency and Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority)

In this multi-phased project, Management Partners initially completed a study that identified both service sharing and consolidation opportunities between the two major transportation agencies in Alameda County. The threshold analysis determined that a merger of the two agencies would produce ongoing savings of up to $1 million per year while, most importantly, continuing delivery of all mission critical responsibilities. Management Partners then completed a Merger Implementation Plan, which provided the steps and general timing for the actions needed to merge the staff and business activities of the separate agencies into a single organization under a new Joint Powers Authority.