Management Partners can provide the guidance and facilitation to define your organization’s vision, mission, values and goals. Creating a strategic plan that articulates the direction you are going can help assure that the governing body, management team and staff are on the same path. It can:

    • Define essential outcomes and performance expectations
    • Spark new thinking about what “success” looks like
    • Help governing bodies match priorities with resources
    • Create clarity about strategies to pursue to achieve goals
    • Convey confidence about the future of the organization

A strategic plan creates consensus about expectations and provides guidelines for the use of resources.

Our successes with this service include the projects highlighted below.

Rohnert Park, CA Strategic Plan

Rohnert Park, CA Strategic Plan

In May 2011 the City of Rohnert Park retained Management Partners to facilitate the development of a strategic plan. The plan was designed to provide a framework linking the City’s economic development plan, capital improvement program, budget process, policy issues, organizational efficiencies and the General Plan. The strategic planning process began with an analysis of strengths, limitations, opportunities and threats (SLOT) that were identified through interviews, focus groups, and a survey that engaged staff, community representatives, and City commissioners. We then guided staff’s preparation of an environmental scan of current and future factors influencing the City. The combination of broad-based qualitative input and quantitative trend data formed the foundation for two highly interactive workshops with staff and City Council members during which a vision, mission, values and goals and strategies were developed and confirmed. A graphic recorder captured the Council workshop results in a visual, “storyboard” format. Management Partners drafted the strategic plan, which was unanimously adopted by the City Council in December 2011. We then assisted City management with the creation of an implementation plan and guidance on how to integrate the plan into the annual budget process.

Mansfield Downtown Partnership

Mansfield Downtown Partnership, CT Strategic Plan

The Mansfield Downtown Partnership, an independent, non-profit organization comprised of the Town of Mansfield, the University of Connecticut, and individual business members and residents, hired Management Partners to design and facilitate a strategic planning project. We conducted interviews with Board members, developed a survey to solicit input from Partnership members and facilitated a strategic planning session with the Board to articulate the vision and mission and identify goals and strategies to achieve the goals. Following that session, we worked with staff on an Implementation Action Plan which shows priorities, resource needs, and areas of responsibility.

Montgomery OH Strategic Planning

Montgomery, OH

Management Partners has assisted the City of Montgomery with several projects, including designing and facilitating three strategic planning processes at five-year intervals with City Council and staff (including a community input component), developing a resident survey, and providing consultation and assistance with performance measurement. The strategic plan involved identifying short- and long-term goals as well as a vision and values statement. An Implementation Action Plan was also included to keep Council and staff updated on the progress of the work.