Benny Young

Special Advisor
Phone: 408-437-5400

Benny J. Young, Special Advisor, joined Management Partners after a 45-year career in local government that included high-level management and leadership positions in three cities and three counties. Benny’s key leadership positions include serving as City Manager for the City of South Tucson; as Assistant City Manager for the City of Tucson; as an agency director for Tucson, Cochise County, and Pima County in Arizona and Monterey County in California; and as city and county engineer. Benny spent the largest segment of his career with the City of Tucson (29 years), starting as a design engineer, Arizona, then progressing to Assistant City Manager, a position which he held for over nine years.

Benny has performed high-level administrative, managerial, technical, and professional work related to directing and supervising the provision of a wide variety of public services to citizens. He has acquired substantial expertise with respect to developing and articulating complex public policy matters, managing public agency budgets and finances, leading staff development and organizational change, and providing excellent customer service in an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration with both internal and external partners. He has worked both in a council/manager setting, and in counties governed by boards of supervisors.