Dave Kiff

Phone: 408-437-5400

Dave has over 25 years’ experience in local government, including more than 20 years in city management. He is the former city manager of Newport Beach, California and the former interim city manager of Huntington Beach, California. Dave spent time with the California Legislature and served as staff to the Board of Supervisors in Orange County. Dave began his tenure as city manager in Newport Beach just as the 2009-2012 recession began, and he helped navigate the city and community through budget reductions and service changes, including contracting out services. With his Finance staff, he worked to address the City’s pension obligations collaboratively via labor concessions, community education, and reprioritizing expenses. Each of his cities were full-service cities, where services included harbors, law enforcement, fire/EMS, libraries, parks and recreation, public works, water and wastewater, and more.