Jarrod Burguan

Special Advisor
Phone: 408-437-5400

Jarrod Burguan, Special Advisor, joined Management Partners following a 29-year career in local law enforcement. During his tenure in law enforcement executive management, Jarrod had the unique experience of managing a police organization throughout a municipal bankruptcy process that included substantial cuts in police service and implementing many cost saving measures to meet the demands of continued service in a challenging policing environment. He also managed the department through a number of critical incidents, including the San Bernardino terror attack in 2015. The attack garnered significant national and international attention and praise for how the response was managed and how local, state and national law enforcement worked together. In addition to his role as police chief, Jarrod also served a term as the City’s Acting City Manager in 2016.

Jarrod brings extensive expertise in executive management, law enforcement innovation, media exposure and critical incident management. He has been an invited speaker through the United States and internationally on topics of critical incident response, media management, community partnerships and leadership. He also testified before the Federal Commission on School Safety in Washington, DC in 2018.